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What Is Premium Credit on My Bank Statement

You can pay your reward in one of the following ways: If you wish to do so via Premium Credit, you can change your bank details in your online account or call them on 0344 736 9820. Premium Credit will confirm in writing the exact date of your first payment. The company name that appears on your direct debit statement is Premium Credit Ltd. If the date, amount or frequency of your direct debit changes, you will always be notified five business days before your account is debited. Premium Credit also makes the following management fees: – A fee of £5.00 is charged for handling a request to change the monthly payment details after Premium Credit Ltd has processed the loan agreement. Sending a reminder letter to borrowers to return signed loan agreements will incur a fee of £10.00. Yes – if you wish to process your pending loan agreement, you must call Premium Credit on 0344 736 9820 for more information. The loan is subject to the statute. To be eligible, clients must be: – 18 years of age or older. – have a bank account in the UK (capable of accepting direct debit orders). – have not been declared bankrupt in the last 12 months. – have not concluded an individual voluntary agreement (IVA). – have not been the subject of 2 or more dissatisfied county court judgments (CCJ)* in the last 12 months.

– has had no more than 3 county court judgments (CCJ) dissatisfied* in the last 2 years. * or other judgments regarding debt If you do not sign your loan agreement within 10 days, Premium Credit Limited will charge you £10. Premium Credit Limited will continue to collect monthly payments even if you do not sign your agreement. The loan is submitted to the state and when assessing your credit, PCL may look for public information that a credit reporting agency has about you. The credit bureau will add their search details to their records, whether or not your application continues. Endsleigh`s expertise lies in brokering insurance policies; We are not a premium finance company and therefore do not have “loan” approvals from the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that we cannot provide the necessary funding to facilitate a direct debit payment plan, which is why we introduce PCL to our customers. For clarity in the description, PCL is “the lender”, while Endsleigh acts as “credit broker”. The easiest way to sign the loan agreement is online. If you follow the link account/login, you can register your account and sign the agreement. Once your account is set up, you can track and manage your payments and update your personal information. If you do not sign the agreement online, a copy will be mailed to you so that you can sign and return it.

If you pay in monthly installments by direct debit, interest will be charged on your premium. Premium Credit Limited also charges an installation fee of £5.00 on premiums of £100 or more. This fee will be added to your first direct debit payment and will apply to the renewal if your policy remains on direct debit. It is important that the loan agreement is signed. A fee of £10 may be charged if the contract is not signed and returned to PCL within the specified time. Full details of the agreement will be provided by PCL as part of the preparation of the loan agreement. We offer our clients a convenient way to pay for their policy. Thanks to our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL), you have the opportunity to set up a direct debit system. This means that you make a down payment (if applicable) and pay the balance of your premium on equal monthly payments. • Proven Broker Training Programs: National Learning and Development Team that offers functional training as well as courses accredited by DPC Premium Credit Limited is the loan provider that finances your loan agreement.

You have a loan agreement if you pay your insurance policy monthly by direct debit. This and other information (including the history of previous payments with them) may be used to make credit decisions about you and perform checks to prevent and detect money laundering. If you have chosen “today” as the start date of your policy, you are insured from the day you purchased the policy. Otherwise, your coverage will start on the date you choose. If you do not sign your loan agreement or maintain your payments, additional fees may apply and your policy may be cancelled. When setting up your insurance policy, your insurance broker should have discussed how you want to pay your premium, e.B. in full or monthly by direct debit with Close Brothers Premium Finance. Premium credit is a discount that reduces the premiums you pay based on a plan`s favorable financial experience. It is awarded in advance, which means that prizes are reduced at the time each reward is due, even for new participants.

6. What name do I see on my bank statement? Our name will appear on your bank statement when we take these monthly payments. We only debit a bank account that has been provided to us by an insurance broker or by an existing customer. If your loan application is accepted, they will send you a loan agreement that you will have to sign. They will send you all the details by mail or email where you will learn how to do it so that you can respond to their instructions as soon as you receive them. We use PCL only to provide financing to Endsleigh customers. We may receive a commission if we introduce them to clients. Please note that any information we provide to you does not constitute personal advice or recommendation. Your personal data and the bank details you provide to us will be shared with them and they will contact you by post, e-mail or SMS. Loans are subject to status and they may use a credit reporting agency that leaves a record of the search or other information about you to perform credit checks and anti-money laundering. PCL can also perform credit checks based on a previous payment history you may have had with them.

Or use the contact form on the website when it suits you and one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible. • Experienced Relationship Management: The largest national field service team, phone sales team, and responsive operational support Recently, premium credit discounts for each plan have explained: • Data and analytics: Detailed performance tracking and information about your trip to improve your trip, reduce leaks, and increase your penetration 2. Why do we need to deal with PCL – why not just Endsleigh? There are several ways to pay for your Simply Business insurance policy – find out about your payment options. .


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