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What Is the Most Expensive Sports Contract Ever

In an Instagram post, Mahomes agent Chris Cabott praised the landmark contract, writing: “The first half-billion-dollar player in the history of the sport. The greatest mission in the history of sport. The first player in the NFL was the highest-paid player in the history of the sport. The New York Yankees caught the free agent pitcher at the time in 2019 on a nine-year contract worth $324 million, according to CNBC. Cole`s historic contract makes him the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history. Sports contracts can be a matter of records. With clubs vying to sign the biggest and best, the contracts of star players have been bigger than ever in recent years. The big names who bring wins not only to the teams, but also to the fans and the glory, have very difficult contracts. From Messi to football to trout to baseball, here are some of the greatest sports contracts of all time and the stories behind them. While these sports contracts may seem astronomical, being a professional athlete is not a walk in the park. Even if you only deserve a place under the stars, it requires an immense culture of skill, determination, focus, and sacrifice.

These players go through intense training and long hours in season and off-season. Travel also wreaks havoc, with players sacrificing time with family and friends to attend away games. So when you read about the biggest sports contracts of all time, think of all the blood, sweat and tears that go into these numbers! The third baseman agreed to a seven-year, $245 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels in 2019, which included a full no-trade clause, according to ESPN. Prior to his heavenly contract with the Angels, Rendon spent most of his MLB career with the Washington Nationals. Today`s best players don`t have to worry about having a part-time job during the offseason. Once-unknown nine-figure contracts are now the norm for the biggest stars in the sport. Some of the largest contracts span a dozen years or more. Other athletes collect much faster and collect immeasurable wealth in just over two years. By far, the sport with the most big contracts is baseball. Players like Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Gerrit Cole and Manny Manchado all have contracts worth over $300 million. However, it`s worth noting that contracts in baseball are usually much longer than in other sports, so the average fees for individual players per game will be much lower (about $150,000 to $200,000).

The contracts of Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Bryce Harper will all continue into the 2030s. The three-time star pitcher played four seasons for the Pirates from 2013 to 2017, then two seasons for the Houston Astros from 2018 to 2019. Prior to the 2020 season, Gerrit signed a monster 9-year, $324 million contract with the Yankees. At Beeston Shenton, our sports lawyers are experts in managing contract negotiations, whether you are an aspiring young athlete or an established athlete. Regardless of the sport you play in, we can conduct contract negotiations from the beginning to ensure that you are protected by law and have the best deal. From grassroots footballers to international athletes, we can help anyone. Contact our team today to discuss your needs. As CBS Sports` Jason La Canfora reports, the reigning Super Bowl MVP will have a contract specifically designed to reward him with a percentage of his team`s salary cap — a first in league history. Aside from this feature, he`s already on the verge of earning at least the most of all athletes in all professional sports, or up to $503 million over the next 12 years, the full duration of his contract.

The first baseman signed with the Detroit Tigers for $248 million as part of an eight-year contract extension, in addition to the $44 million he was still owed for his contract with the team from 2014 to 2015, according to Forbes. Extra time became a hot topic when Cabrera later succumbed to injuries that hampered his performance. Here are the top ten sports players who are paid the most per game: Lionel Messi has been a big name in football for years, so it`s probably no surprise that his contract is the most lucrative. However, when Spanish newspaper El Mundo published the details of his contract with Barcelona, the scope of the contract made headlines. With a staggering value of €555,237,619 (or €492 million) over four years, this means that the footballer earned around €234 per minute. However, it should be noted that Messi agreed to a pay cut in 2020 due to COVID-19. In March 2019, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout signed the largest contract in professional sports history worth $426.5 million. Just sixteen months later, despite a virus that has wreaked havoc around the world, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has overtaken Trout.

Trout may hold the record for the most total money, but Alvarez is taking it out of the water when it comes to annual salary. The boxer signed a five-year contract with 11 fights on the DAZN streaming service last October. The contract will earn him $73 million a year, with each fight worth about $33.18 million. Interestingly, the majority of these treaties have been active and valid over the next decade over the past decade. And by the latter, I mean 2025 and beyond, almost 2030 and even 2031. Which begs the question: Given the current upward trend, how long will it take for a billion-dollar contract to be coming? Until the details of Messi`s huge contract were revealed, Patrick Mahomes` 12-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs was the biggest of all time. Signed in 2020, it`s worth $503 million, which means Mahomes` average payout per game is over $2 million. Major League Baseball has just added another entry to the list of the richest contracts in the sport. Mookie Betts joined the ranks of the $300 million MLB men when he signed a 12-year contract to stay with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the long term.

The deal is the second richest in baseball history, behind only Mike Trout`s $426 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, but both follow Patrick Mahomes` 10-year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, putting the NFL at the top. Arenado is no stranger to the long ball, having scored at least 37 home runs in the past four seasons. Although critics may say so because he plays half of his games at Coors Field, the Rockies were still smart to ban him. In addition to four All-Star appearances, Arenado is a defensive magician. He won a Golden Glove every season he has been in the league. The most glaring discovery is that baseball still has the game of money. Eight of the 10 biggest contracts in the sport are owned by MLB players, of whom Trout is the highest paid, whose 12-year contract was the first to surpass Canelo Álvarez`s $365 million booty. Giancarlo Stanton`s 13-year contract with the Miami Marlins in 2014 had already put him at the top of the MLB list, but Bryce Harper and Trout have since eclipsed Stanton`s $325 million mark. This is the biggest contract on this list that was not signed last year. Stanton signed with the Marlins again over this huge deal, but was traded to the Yankees only two seasons later. This means that the Bronx Bombers take over most of the bill on Stanton.

However, if Stanton does not withdraw from his contract after the 2020 season, the Yankees will receive relief from the Marlins` $30 million salary cap. It`s a big responsibility: If you really want to dramatize things, Trout was basically tasked with saving baseball. The Angels will try to get back to the forefront with him, and his re-signing is an important step in a summer where star free agents have been hanging around. Although Trout is now officially the highest-paid athlete in the world, he`s not the only one making a lot of money. Let`s take a look at the ten biggest contracts in the history of professional sports. Note that these deals must be officially cited, so football stars like Lionel Messi will not make the cut, as their official contracts have never been confirmed. We also only look at contracts that were guaranteed – this does not take into account performance or advertising bonuses. The juicy contract meant $36 million a year for the two-time winner of the American League MVP award. ‪Words cannot express the deep sadness we feel right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with Carli and her families. Remember him as a great teammate, friend and person who will stay in our hearts forever.

We love you, 45 years old. All of this says a lot about Mahomes` unprecedented 10-year extension with K.C. Because while there are no other NFL players represented here (Matt Ryan, with the Atlanta Falcons, comes closest to a $150 million deal), Mahomes not only has the highest total value after his lucrative contract. His average annual salary is also likely to top the list, making him the highest-paid athlete in terms of total money and annual income. Here are the ten biggest sports contracts of all time: The contract also has a $140 million injury guarantee. So if he had an injury on the first day of his first season that ended his career, he would still earn $140 million. If Muhammad gets the full contract, suffice it to say that he will surpass his father. Rodriguez is the only player to appear twice on this list. This agreement in 2000 set the bar for massive MLB contracts. He ended up spending just three years with the Rangers, winning the AL MVP award in 2003, but failed to qualify for the playoffs during his time with the team. .


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