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When Working with Contractor Personnel on a Nonpersonal Services Contract the Cor Should

IN THE CASE OF A CONTRACTUAL MEASURE, THE DELEGATED TECHNICAL FUNCTIONS FOR WHICH THE RDC IS RESPONSIBLE MUST BE INDICATED: VERIFY THAT THE STATE OBLIGATIONS CONTAINED IN THE CONTRACT ARE FULFILLED:An example of a State obligation in the performance of the contract is ______. . Payment to the Contractor for deliveries and services provided IDENTIFY HOW POTENTIAL ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST MAY AFFECT THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CONTRACT:A conflict of interest occurs when an employee is personally and substantially involved in a particular matter in an official capacity and the employee knows that he or she or another person, e.B a family member, benefits from the actions of the employee Becomes. . TRUE CONTRACT SCHEDULE COMPLIANCE ANALYSIS TO INCLUDE ALL SOW REQUIREMENTS AND CDRL RESULTS: The CoR`s main objective, which is to understand the contract and its organisation, is to be aware of all contractual requirements and services. This knowledge helps the CoR to monitor the contractor`s performance and ensure that the contractor complies with the written contract. . true ANALYZE INSPECTION CLAUSES FOR FIXED-TYPE AND REIMBURSEMENT CONTRACTS USED IN CONSTRUCTION:Under the Davis Bacon Act (DTA), the contractor`s employees are paid at least at the wage rates set by the Secretary of Labor and _____ x Employees are paid at least once every two weeks. x Employees are granted 30 days off per year.

SEE HOW TYPES OF CONTRACTS AFFECT ADR`S RESPONSIBILITIES:What are the differences between assignment by negotiation and sealed tendering? Negotiations allow for compromises between the communication and evaluation factor with the contractor. DESCRIBE THE TASKS OF THE RDC AS DESCRIBED IN THE LETTER OF APPOINTMENT:All are considered typical CoR tasks except__?. MAKE CHANGES TO THE CONTRACT ANALYZE INSPECTION CLAUSES FOR FIXED-TYPE AND REIMBURSEMENT CONTRACTS USED IN CONSTRUCTION: In construction, “divergent site conditions” are defined as known conditions on the construction site that the contractor overlooked during on-site inspections and did not read in the contract. Define false reports on THE PERFORMANCE OF MCVs AND COSTS: An earned value management system that is formally validated and accepted by the appropriate contracting officer is required for cost or incentive contracts evaluated with or through ___. x $10 million x $100 million DEFINE THE ROLE OF OER IN RESOLVING CONTRACT ISSUES AND ITS ROLE IN FOLLOWING UP ON CORRECTIVE ACTIONS:The CoR should work with the contract agent if the CoR determines that the current contract needs to be amended. . the actual scope of 37,600 of the subsection. This subsection describes the policies and procedures for purchasing services using performance-based collection methods. 37.601 General. (a) Calls may use either a declaration of performance or a declaration of objectives (see 37.602). b) Performance-based service contracts must include: (1) a Performance Statement of Work (PWS); (2) measurable performance standards (i.e., quality, timeliness, quantity, etc.) and method of evaluating the contractor`s performance against performance standards; and (3) performance incentives, where applicable.

When used, performance incentives must meet the performance standards set out in the contract (see 16.402-2). (c) See paragraph 12.102(g) on the application of Part 12 procedures for performance-related acquisitions. 37,602 Performance instructions. (a) A performance statement of work may be prepared by the government or result from a statement of objectives prepared by the government when the supplier proposes the WPS. (b) Organizations should, to the extent possible, (1) describe the work in relation to the required results and not “how” the work is to be performed or the number of hours to be performed (see 11,002(a)(2) and 11,101); (2) allow the evaluation of work performance against measurable performance standards; (3) Rely on the use of measurable performance standards and financial incentives in a competitive environment to encourage competitors to develop and implement innovative and cost-effective methods to carry out the work. (c) Suppliers use the SOO to develop the PWS; However, the SOO is not part of the contract. The SOO must include at least – (1) the objective; (2) the scope or mandate; (3) Duration and place of performance; (4) Background; (5) the performance objectives, that is to say, the required results; and (6) any operational restrictions. 37,603 performance standards.

a) Performance standards determine the level of performance required by the government to meet the requirements of the contract. The standards shall be measurable and structured in such a way as to allow an evaluation of the contractor`s performance. .


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